Solidarity with
Indigenous Communities

Adivasi-Koordination in Deutschland e.V.

(Adivasi Coordination Group in Germany – registered society)

The adivasi were among the first to resist colonial exploitation under British rule. Today adivasi communities have to fight for their land and forest rights and their right to self-determination and equal treatment. In this struggle worldwide solidarity with adivasi in South Asia is the order of the day – the same way as with indigenous peoples in other parts of the world.

Within the framework of these aims Adivasi-Koordination seeks exchange and co-operation with adivasi organisations and their supporters in South Asia, with national and international organisations, with government and non-government institutions (NGOs) which are committed to the advancement of indigenous peoples and their self-determined development. Adivasi-Koordination co-operates with all democratic and non-violent organisations, associations and initiatives worldwide.

participants at a seminar with adivasi guests from India Berlin 2009

In consultation and co-operation with suitable partners, Adivasi-Koordination focuses on the following activities:

The basis of the work of Adivasi-Koordination is

Institutional members of Adivasi-Koordination

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Gossner Mission:
Indienhilfe Herrsching:
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