Solidarity with
Indigenous Communities



In memory of Stan Swamy (1937 – 2001) – fighter for the rights of the adivasi of Jharkhand

He was detained in October 2020 under a draconian anti-terror law. He died – still imprisoned – on 5th July 2021 in a Mumbai hospital.

Stan Swamy – Adivasi Activist Dayamani Barla Remembers


audio document of Stan Swamy

recording of a conversation with journalist Michael Briefs in 2004


online publications of and about Stan Swamy

I am not a silent Spectator. Why Truth has become so bitter, Dissent so intolerable, Justice so out of Reach.

An Autobiographical Fragment, Memory and Reflection.

Indian Social Institute Bangalore 2021



People’s Union for Democratic Rights (PUDR)

Framed to Die. The Case of Stan Swamy.

Delhi August 2021



Bagaicha Research Team

Deprived of rights over natural resources impoverished Adivasis get prison.

A study of undertrials in Jharkhand

Bagaicha, Ranchi, 2016




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