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International Context

Adivasi-Koordination explicitely refers to the international legal context and actively participates in the process of further developing the legal framework:

-         International Labour Organisation: ILO first established binding norms in International Law for the protection of indigenous peoples’ rights with ILO Convention 107 (1957). In the year 1969 ILO Convention 169 followed.

-         The World Bank released its Operations Directive (OD) 4.20 “Indigenous Peoples” in 1991. From 1st July 2005 onwards OD 4.20 is replaced by Operational Policy (OP) and Briefing Paper (BP) 4.10.

-         The United Nations’ Working Group on Indigenous Peoples (UNWGIP), which forms part of the United Nations’ Human Rights Commission, formulated in 1993 a “Draft Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples”.

-         The United Nations declared 1993 the “International Year of the Indigenous Peoples”, 1995–2004 the “Decade of Indigenous Peoples”, and 2005-2014 the “Second Decade of Indigenous Peoples”.

-         In April 2000 the UN Human Rights Commission decided in its Resolution 2000/87 to establish a “Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues”.



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